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The majority of chemistry jobs are found in the government, in the academic world or with large manufacturing companies. Chemists and material scientists need at least a bachelor's degree in chemistry or a related field, though a master's degree is often needed for some higher paid research positions.

Types of Chemistry Jobs

In the manufacturing sector, chemists work in research and development to create new products or to update existing ones. They may work with dyes, inks and pigments and typically work in a laboratory. Quality control specialists focus on health, safety and performance of products. There are also production specialists who oversee the manufacture of large quantities of basic chemicals, including calcium carbonate, chlorine, ammonia and baking soda.

Chemists in the government sector may work with the Environmental Protection Agency to monitor what is in the air and water. Forensic chemists study crime scenes, and the military also requires chemistry majors for research lab jobs to conduct lab research on equipment, to help design protective clothing and for the advancement of arms protection.

Colleges, high schools and primary grades hire chemistry teachers and professors to teach basic science skills to students. Some professors may perform their own research and employ interns and research associates to assist with the gathering of information. In some cases, professors are funded by industry, although there are plenty of grants and stipends for researchfor Chemists

Salaries for chemists vary depending on the industry and the amount of training and education required. A salary for a chemical engineer was around $79,270 in 2017, while top-level government chemists made around $108,670 per year. Salaries for college chemistry teachers at top universities was around $92,490. High school teachers made around $59,170 the same year.

Job Growth

Because chemistry jobs are a specialized career, the demand for qualified individuals is great. For general scientists, expect to see a job growth of around 10 percent from 2016 to 2026. Chemistry jobs are expected to grow by 7 percent, while high school science teachers may see a growth of around 8 percent.

Excellent math and analytical skills are required for anyone interested in chemistry jobs. The job is challenging and provides plenty of room for advancement.

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